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Building premium class software products for leaders in the digital age.

Versility Labs originates from academic works at the University of Hamburg and University of California, Berkeley. Funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Germany, Versility Labs was founded 2016 to develop solutions for leaders in the digital age.

We are building software with a scientific foundation and a commitment to software craftmanship, sophisticated simplicity and premium design. As a company we are dedicated to sustainable thinking and acting socially responsible.


Solution for evidence-based IT strategy

CIOs in the age of digitalization need an IT strategy taking all the relevant information from business, IT and the ecosystem into account. We empower IT executives, by integrating their management tools, analyzing patterns, visualizing choices and enabling evidence-based decision-making.

We call this evidence-based IT strategy, meaning (1) data-driven decision-making, (2) scenario-based impact analysis, (3) stakeholder-oriented communication, (4) execution-monitoring and strategic learning.

Our SaaS-platform supports CIOs to establish evidence-based IT strategy and concentrate efforts on the decisions to be made. With our software CIOs have everything at hand to make, persue, explain, analyze and reflect their strategic choices.

Our software implements three essential concepts to help CIOs establish evidence-based strategy:

Information searching is often nonlinear and iterative, requiring the evaluation of a broad range of information sources and the mental flexibility to pursue alternate avenues as new understanding is developed. That is why we provide an adaptive navigation built upon our metamodel powered by our graph database. The strategic influence graph is the core to model all the influencing forces and connect them to get the whole picture.

We provide all the information in one place right at hand of the CIO, connecting various tools and data sources. Our meta-model supports the mapping, integration and retrieval of all strategically relevant information needed to make evidence-based decisions.

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The Team

Dr. Karsten Zimmermann LinkedIn Xing

Dr. Karsten Zimmermann
Business Development

Moritz Windelen LinkedIn Xing

Moritz Windelen
Software Engineering

Malte Nottmeyer LinkedIn Xing

Malte Nottmeyer
Software Engineering

We are constantly looking for people with a great sense of dedication to technology and spirit to strengthen our team. While we work hard at what we do, we keep sane work hours to have room for family, friends, and yourself. We are also committed to giving back, for instance teaching at universities and engagement in the Clojure community. If you want to become part of our team please connect with us through the contact form or via twitter.

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